Looking Ahead to Our Next Service Expansion

We’re continuing to expand transit throughout the Portland region.

✔️ New Frequent Service lines    ✔️ Better reliability    ✔️ Weekend service

Thanks to new transportation funds, we have plans to expand transit service and amenities across the Portland metro area. Below is our list of proposed improvements and projects from fall 2019 to spring 2020.

Proposed bus service changes

Better reliability

19 Woodstock/Glisan

This line is often delayed by congestion on SW Sheridan. We propose shifting the route to SW Lincoln between 1st and 5th avenues for faster travel and more reliable arrival times.

Frequent Service

20 Burnside/Stark

This line would run more frequently, with buses arriving every 15 minutes or better most of the day, every day.

Frequent Service

Weekend service

30 Estacada

Adding weekend service on this line, which serves Clackamas Town Center and the Clackamas Industrial Area, would mean buses running daily between Clackamas Town Center and Estacada.

Weekend service

32 Oatfield

Adding Sunday service on this line would mean running between Oregon City Transit Center and Clackamas Community College both days of the weekend

More buses at more times

74 162nd Ave

This line, which launched in Spring 2018, would get more frequent buses during rush hour. Buses would also run later during weekdays and on the weekend.

Frequent Service

76 Beaverton/Tualatin

This line would run more frequently, with buses arriving every 15 minutes or better most of the day, every day.

Frequent Service

More buses at more times

78 Beaverton/Lake Oswego

This line, which runs on the same route as Line 76 between Beaverton TC and Tigard TC, would be adjusted once Line 76 is upgraded to Frequent Service.

North of Tigard Transit Center, Line 78 will take over Line 42’s route, and Line 42 would be retired. South of Tigard TC, Line 78 would remain on its current route. This change would bring earlier and later buses, and weekend service to Denney Rd. in Beaverton and to Hall Blvd. in Metzger and Tigard.


What else is in the works?

New bus stop amenities

We’ll be upgrading some of our most-used bus stops with new amenities like shelters, TransitTracker digital displays and concrete pads to make it easier for people in mobility devices to board the bus.

Prioritizing transit for a faster trip

We plan to introduce new bus lanes and transit priority signals during the next five years. These improvements are intended to reduce travel times by keeping buses moving even when traffic is stuck.

Improved security

Continuing the security upgrades we began this year, we plan to further increase the number of cameras and lighting on the system to increase safety and security for our riders.

Alternative-fuel buses

We’re exploring a transition to all-alternative-fuel bus fleet. This change would potentially bring substantial benefits — cleaner air, quieter rides and reduced maintenance costs. We’re testing new electric buses and charging infrastructure in fall 2018. This pilot project will give us first-hand experience and help guide our plans for a transition to cleaner fuels.

Division Transit Project

The Division Transit Project will bring a new type of bus service to SE Division Street starting in 2022. Travel times along the 15-mile route between Gresham and Downtown Portland will improve up to 20% thanks to new station design, faster boarding, traffic signal priority for transit and road re-striping to help buses move through traffic faster.

Southwest Corridor Plan

We’re working with local and state leaders to create a faster, safer and more reliable connection between Downtown Portland, Tigard and Tualatin via a new 12-mile MAX line to Bridgeport Village. This project would also include walking, biking, roadway and bus service improvements to help people access stations. The new MAX line could open in 2025.

MAX Red Line Improvement Project

We’re planning for track and signal improvements that will allow us to improve on-time performance as well as introduce Red Line service to 10 additional stations in Beaverton and Hillsboro. The project would include work at and around the Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport, Portland International Airport, Ruby Junction, and Gateway/NE 99th Ave stations, and is anticipated to be completed by 2023.

New bus operations base

As we expand bus service — adding lines and more frequent service — we’ve begun to run out of space for our fleet of vehicles. Our 2019–20 budget provides funds to start building a new bus garage where we can store, maintain and dispatch our buses.

Blue Line station rehabilitation

We’re making improvements to some of our oldest MAX stations along the Blue Line by installing larger windscreens, new shelter roofs, updated lighting and security cameras, new signs and TransitTracker™ displays. Work on Gresham City Hall and E 122nd Ave stations has been completed, E 162nd Ave is in progress and E 148th Ave will begin in spring/ summer 2019.

Elevator improvements

Many of our elevators have been in continuous service for over 30 years, and the equipment that powers them is near the end of its lifespan. In 2018, we replaced and upgraded elevators at the NE 60th Ave and NE 82nd Ave stations.



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