Switching From Paper Tickets to Hop

Whether you’re buying fare for yourself or for others, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re used to buying paper fares, either for yourself or on behalf of an organization, we’re ready to help you make the switch to Hop Fastpass. Start by finding a scenario below that applies to you — in most cases, you’ll find that making the transition is pretty simple. (In fact, buying your fare might become a lot easier once you’re using Hop!)

If you have any questions, we’re happy to help. Just send us a note at help@myhopcard.com or give us a call at 1-844-MYHOPCARD (694-6722).


For Riders

I buy my fare at a store like Fred Meyer or Safeway

Next time you’re at the store ready to buy your fare, pick up a reloadable Hop card from the gift card rack or from the customer service counter. (Cards are available for Adult, Honored Citizen and Youth riders; there is a one-time $3 fee.)

Participating retailers include Albertsons, Fred Meyer, New Seasons, Plaid Pantry, Safeway and many more — see the full list here.

When you check out, you can load $5 or more onto your card. When you’re ready to reload, you can add money using the website, app or phone hotline, or you can reload with cash at the store.

Albertsons and Safeway stores no longer sell traditional paper fares. After Oct. 15, 2018, Fred Meyer, QFC and WinCo stores will no longer sell paper fares. Paper fares for LIFT paratransit will still be available.

I buy my fare on the bus or from the ticket machine

You will still be able to buy your fare on the bus using cash (you’ll get a paper transfer like before) or at ticket machines using a card or cash.

Note that some ticket machines now exclusively sell 2½-hour and 1-day Hop tickets — these are similar to the paper fares they sell today, but they must be tapped on a Hop reader every time you board or transfer.

I buy my fare from the TriMet Ticket Office

Our ticket office in Pioneer Square will continue selling traditional paper tickets and passes for the time being. You can also buy and reload all types of Hop cards here, and our staff is happy to help set you up and answer any questions you have.

The ticket office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

I get my fare from a community organization or social service agency

We will continue to work with organizations that provide fares for their clients and community members. Instead of paper tickets and passes, these groups will distribute Hop tickets or add money onto existing Hop cards. Just remember to tap the green Hop reader every time you board or transfer!

I still have unused paper tickets or passes

Although we still accept paper fares for the time being, we are happy to exchange your unvalidated, foil-stamped tickets for Hop credit. Please note there is an exchange limit of four Hop cards per person and no more than $250 total. If you are exchanging more than $250, please visit the TriMet Ticket Office at Pioneer Courthouse Square.



For Organizations

I buy fares on behalf of an organization

Just like before, there are a number of ways to get fare to your organization’s clients.

Opening an account is the easiest way to load fare, including day or month passes, onto your clients’ Hop cards on a regular basis (similar to the way employers manage cards for their employees). This is a good option for organizations that work consistently with the same clients.

If you simply need to distribute 2½-hour or 1-day Hop tickets, opening an account will let us send fare directly to your organization. Setting up an account is easy and there is no upfront cost or requirement to buy. There is no contract required if you pay for your order upfront with a credit card.

Send us a note at employerprograms@trimet.org if you’re interested in signing up or learning more.

Unvalidated 2½-hour and 1-day Hop tickets are also available from the TriMet Ticket Office in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

My organization is interested in distributing free Hop cards to clients or community members

If your organization provides transit assistance and needs assistance switching to Hop, email us at hopoutreach@trimet.org.

None of these options seems right for me

Don’t worry. We are committed to making sure Hop works for everyone, and we would love help get you on board. Send a note to hopoutreach@trimet.org with any comments or questions and we’ll follow up with you.