Paying on the bus

Studies and Surveys

In order to provide the best service to the growing and changing Portland metro area, we do our best to keep track of who’s riding and why — or why not. We conduct regular studies and surveys on board and online to learn more about our riders, and the results help guide our efforts to expand and improve transit.

On-Board Surveys

Data from on-board rider surveys helps shape and support our planning initiatives and agency reports. The results and analysis from these surveys provide insight about riders and their travel patterns, as well as the effects of service and fare changes.

Our newest on-board survey is being conducted over the course of a year beginning in October 2017. This survey will gather trip data including:

  • Origin and destination
  • Transfers
  • Fare and payment type
  • Demographics

The survey will be conducted system-wide on buses, MAX and WES. The data we collect will be used for travel pattern analysis, fare and equity analysis, FTA reporting and service planning.


Attitude & Awareness Survey

Every year, DHM Research conducts a telephone survey which tracks TriMet’s performance, services, new projects and ridership.

Highlights from the most recent study (2016) include:

  • An overall job approval rating of 80 percent, the highest in almost a decade
  • Bus approval of 76 percent, an increase of two points over 2015
  • MAX approval of 82 percent, an increase of two points over 2015
  • The continued perception that our bus and MAX systems are operated safely


Rider Pulse Survey

We want to know how riders are feeling about our service, so we survey 30,000+ Riders Club members each quarter.

This survey asks about our overall performance as well as satisfaction in certain areas, including reliability. It also gives us an opportunity to ask questions about a particular topic or questions that relate to the time of year. Once we’ve processed the responses, we share highlights from the results with Riders Club.

Our goal is to keep this survey short and consistent, so we can track answers from quarter to quarter.


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